Speech Language Pathology Jobs

Speech Language Pathology Jobs

Tips When Applying For Speech Language Pathology Jobs

It is a great time for someone who’s looking for speech language pathology jobs because the projected growth of this particular field is estimated to be 20% between now and 2022. This means that somewhere between 25 and 30 thousand additional jobs will be created over the next several years. The average median pay is around $70,000 and there are over a hundred thousand jobs currently in this field at present.

Speech Language Pathology Jobs and SLP State License

SLP State License

Most states will require that you have a license before you can become a speech language pathologist. Usually, it will be necessary to get a temporary license that can then lead to permanent accreditation. If you’re still attending University there’s a good chance you could apply for your temporary license before finishing your degree.

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Clinical Fellowship (CFY)

For most, it will be necessary to go through a fellowship before becoming a full-time SLP practitioner. This helps the individual to make the transition from having only theoretical knowledge learned while studying, to having practical hands-on experience. When possible, it is recommended that you get a fellowship that gives you the opportunity to work with a wide range of Speech Pathology services.

Most fellowships will require that you put in over twelve hundred hours of clinical work before your fellowship is considered completed. You will want to make sure that your mentor is a verified SLP practitioner and you can verify this through the ASHA verification page.

Begin The Job Search For SLP Jobs and Speech Language Pathology Jobs

It is rare that the fellowship will choose to hire you after you complete your program and for this reason, you need to begin the job search. You can look online, on job boards, at Career Fairs, and of course, you can ask people that you built relationships with to recommend you to opportunities. You will also want to recognize that the job might not carry the title you expect and you can look for those clues with for example, ‘speech therapist job’ or other titles.

speech language pathology jobs

Prepare For The Interview

Like many other things in life, it is not just enough to have all the right credentials. Sometimes the best person doesn’t win especially if they’re not prepared. One of the best ways someone can prepare for an interview is through practice. If you have an idea of the types of questions that you are likely to be asked on the interview and if you can practice with another person or in the mirror answering these questions, then you are likely to do better at the interview.

Questions You Are Likely To Be Asked When Interviewing For Speech Language Pathology Jobs

1. Do you have any particular communications disorders that you are especially familiar with?

2. How did you become interested in speech-language pathology?

3. Do you have any experience with assessment tools when evaluating a patient?

4. Do you have any familiarity with the various apps and programs available for speech therapy?

5. Which steps do you use during an evaluation?

6. How do you determine success with a patient?

7. Do you have any experience with, and are you comfortable with group therapy sessions?

8. Can you talk about any experiences you had when collaborating with others?

9. Would you tell me about any case you had that you found particularly challenging?

10. Do you have an area of speech language pathology with which you would like to focus on?

Success favors the prepared and those preparing to interview for SLP jobs will be ready with the information above. Once you have the credentials along with the fellowship, it is simply impressing the interviewer enough to consider you for their position. You have done all the hard work, it is now a matter of acing the interview.

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